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On Wednesday January 22nd, 2014 the first case of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus (PEDv) in Ontario (Middlesex County) was reported to the public. Since that time, additional production sites in Ontario have broken with the virus. The spread of PEDv is raising concern about vehicle traffic servicing swine facilities, be it through animal pick-up and deliveries, semen, dead-stock, commodity and feed and premix trucks.
In response to these concerns our team at Grand Valley Fortifiers has been working around the clock to enhance our biosecurity protocols in order to do our utmost to prevent the spread of PEDv. Below we have included links to all of our revised protocols that are currently in place to assist with containment of the virus and protect the livelihood of valued pork producers in Ontario and Canada.
Please click on a link to see the details of each protocol.

1. GVF Facility biosecurity protocol
2. GVF Delivery biosecurity protocol
3. GVF Delivery to Postive PEDv site biosecurity protocol
4. GVF Bionic Oil delivery biosecurity protocol
5. GVF Sales Team biosecurity protocol
6. GVF Mini Pallet biosecurity washing protocol

On Friday January 31st, 2014 we had veterinarians from the Animal Health and Welfare Branch, OMAF and MRA visit our facilities to swab our entire fleet of delivery trucks after deliveries were completed that day. An OMAF member took individual swab samples from the following areas on each of our 11 trucks:

1. Step up into the cab
2. Steering wheel and interior door handles
3. Driver side floor mat and pedals
4. Wheel wells
5. Door Handel or step to enter the back of the truck.

Of the 55 total samples taken, we’re thankful to report no positive results, meaning that the Porcine coronavirus PEDv could not be isolated from our trucks by PCR analysis.

Grand Valley Fortifiers remains committed to working with our customers, veterinarians and the OMAF PEDv surveillance team (Animal Health and Welfare Branch, OMAF and MRA) to monitor, mitigate the risk of transmission and hopefully eliminate the spread of PEDv in Ontario. We are very grateful for the extensive effort put forth by practicing veterinarians and the OMAF PEDv surveillance team. We thank our customers and Ontario hog producers for their continued cooperation and resilience as we battle this virus.