To our valued dairy, beef and sheep producer customers,

Today, Floradale Feed Mill Limited published a press release announcing the sale of 100% of the company shares to the Brochu Group, the family owners of Agri-Marche Limited. The Senior Leadership Team of GVF has been engaged in discussions with Floradale Feed Mill Limited and the Brochu Group over the last several months regarding this transaction and its relevance to the dairy, beef and sheep customers of Grand Valley Fortifiers.

We are pleased to share that the close, trusted, working relationship that has existed for over twenty-three years between Grand Valley Fortifiers and Floradale Feed Mill Limited will continue unchanged and unimpacted by the sale of Floradale Feed Mill Limited. A formal Supply Agreement for dairy supplements, complete feeds and commodity blends has been executed between Grand Valley Fortifiers and the new owners of Floradale Feed Mill Limited which provides for the on-going manufacturing and delivery of our high quality dairy nutrition products to the customers of Grand Valley Fortifiers in Ontario, under the same terms and conditions that we have worked together with over the last couple of decades.