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In response to rising feed costs, particularly the price of feed grade phosphorus, Grand Valley Fortifiers has created a new line of phytase premixes. Phytase releases the phosphorus normally “tied up” in corn and soybean meal making it more available to the pig. This new generation of phytase releases enough phosphorus from corn and soybean meal so as to minimize the amount of feed grade phosphorus that needs to be supplied by the premix. These new premixes are pellet stable in order to benefit both producers feeding corn and soybean meal on the farm, or producers feeding a pelleted feed from a feed mill. Enjoy significant cost savings, with the same level of performance you can expect from Grand Valley Fortifiers premixes, while leaving less of a phosphorus footprint on our environment. GVF Phytase is one more way Grand Valley Fortifiers is adding to your bottom line.

Talk to your Grand Valley Swine Specialist or call us at 1-800-567-4400 to get more information on how GVF’s phytase program can benefit your operation