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Thank you to everyone who joined us for the 2024 Dairy Symposium! This video contains the presentation from Nigel Cook as he discusses “Cow Comfort ’24: Maintaining social trust through housing that optimizes welfare”.

GVF was pleased to have Dr Nigel Cook from the University of Wisconsin speak at our 2024 Dairy Symposium. Dairy sustainability is driven by efforts to ensure profitable farm economics, environmental stewardship and the maintenance of public trust in the industry.

Consumption of dairy products is rising and consumers want to buy these products without feeling guilty. That means that it is incumbent on the dairy industry to maintain social trust through its actions. While many consumers expect cows to graze, a future where cows live on pasture rather than in housed facilities is unlikely given environmental concerns. So what should cow housing look like in 2024 and beyond? This session will cover the latest in freestall housing design and barn ventilation for adult cattle and discuss novel adaptations to transition housing.

Click the video below to watch Nigel Cook’s presentation from the 2024 GVF Dairy Symposium.