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By Dr. Samuel Waititu
Monogastric Nutritionist
Fortified Nutrition Limtied

Canada has built a reputation of reliably suppling the safest and highest premium quality pork products in the world. As such, many countries have shown interest in our high-quality product such as Japan, USA, and China to name a few. This does not go without saying however, that different countries can have varying requirements on the pork products they desire. To fulfill these opportunities, Canadian pork producers and the industry alike are constantly challenging themselves to develop the highest quality pork product at the lowest possible input cost.

To do so, over the years, the industry has been able to effectively utilize many cost savings co-products from other industries such as the dairy, bakery and ethanol industries. This does not go without saying, that it has come with its own challenges.

The use of Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles (DDGS) from the ethanol industry has often been an effective way to lower feed costs. Typically, 100 kg of DDGS per tonne of feed saves anywhere from $5-$10 per tonne; however, as always, savings may vary depending on the current ingredient costs. While this has made the use of DDGS an attractive option for many, care is required given its high oil content.

The oil in DDGS consists primarily of two unsaturated fatty acids: linoleic and oleic acids. When this highly unsaturated oil is consumed by the pig, the resulting pork fat is softer. In contrast, a pig consuming a higher proportion of saturated fats, will typically have “firmer” pork fat. With this in mind, the use of (or lack there of) DDGS may vary depending on the type of pork being marketed. The Japanese marketplace for example often desires a firmer fat, and for this reason the use of DDGS over 75 kg body weight historically has often been limited in pigs. As a result, the feed costs in the final stages are often elevated compared to diets running higher levels of DDGS.

Grand Valley Fortifiers is excited to now offer Lipifirm™, a conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) feed additive, to mitigate the “negative” effects of DDGS on the fat composition of the pig. Lipifirm™ allows full usage of DDGS in pig diets right up to market; and works by shifting the proportion of unsaturated and saturated fatty acids in pork, improving fat firmness. As Lipifirm™ has an accumulative effect, it is imperative that it is fed for a sufficient duration to be beneficial. We recommend including Lipifirm™ at a rate of 2 kg per tonne of feed; commencing at approximately 75 kg of body weight till pigs are marketed. It is expected that a drop of 4-5 IV points (the higher the IV the higher level of unsaturated fats) will be observed when feeding DDGS + Lipifirm™ compared to DDGS and no Lipifirm™. As always, however, cost savings will depend upon current market costs and relative premiums one may be receiving for your pigs. One of the unique advantages of Lipifirm™ is the fact that it is a dry product and can therefore be easily added into Grand Valley premixes.

For further information please reach out to your Grand Valley Fortifiers Swine Specialist to determine if this product is right for you.

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