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New Customer Credit Application

For new customers, a Credit Application is required. Please take a moment to download and fill in the Credit Application by clicking the button below.

Receive Invoices & Statements via Email

In order to have your invoices & monthly statements emailed to you, we simply require an email address (if you wish to have multiple emails, we can add as many as you wish to the account). Once this information is received and added to your account, your invoices and monthly statement will be sent to the email(s) provided. No copies will be sent via regular post with this option.

If you need any help setting up these electronic payments, invoicing and statement options, please do not hesitate to email or call our Credit Manager, Rosy McGrowder (1-877-625-4400  ext.2226)

Our Current Electronic Payment Options Include:

Due to COVID-19 we are taking all precautions to halt the spread of this virus. This means that any processes that still require the handling of paper, essentially result in the “paper handlers” having to come to the GVF offices and perform their work functions on site. For this reason, we would like to encourage our customers who pay their invoices with cheques, and/or receive their invoices and statements in the mail, to sign up for electronic payments and invoicing and monthly statements.

1. Credit Card

This option would be paying any invoices off in full. By paying with credit card the 3% discount would not be applicable due to credit card fees that are incurred.

2. Online Banking

When using online banking a discount is applicable when noted on the invoice when paid within terms.

  •  Log into your bank
  •  Click on “Add billing company”
  •  Enter company name “Grand Valley Fortifiers” and select.
  •  Under “Account #” enter your customer ID #, which can be found on an invoice or statement and click “next” and save.

When making your payments, it will ask for an account #. This is simply the last 5 digits of your customer ID # you enter.

3. PAP 1

PAP 1, or Pre-Authorized Payment will allow Grand Valley Fortifiers to debit your account every Friday for all of the prior week’s invoices. With this service, you will never miss a cash discount. The details of how your payment was applied will show on your next monthly statement. To access the PAP 1 form click the button below.