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Grand Valley Fortifiers’ Commitment

Grand Valley Fortifiers has been committed to providing sound nutrition for meat, milk and egg producers for over 60 years. Our vitamin and mineral premixes incorporate the latest nutritional advances and consist of fine quality ingredients which are sourced from suppliers which have undergone an intensive supplier approval process.

Commitment to consistent product quality, the elimination of potential drug residues, and the goal of meeting and exceeding Canadian Food Inspection Agency standards are paramount in our manufacturing and delivery processes.

FeedAssure™ – An Internationally Recognized Food Safety Certification

With the advent of travel and communication, the world has become a smaller place. Transportation of countries’ perishable and imperishable goods has become commonplace. At the same time, many of the developing countries in the world are becoming more economically viable and the standard of living has improved for their citizens. As this happens, one of the first items that people want to spend their money on is safer, higher quality food, with more variety.

As products from food producers move further, there is a greater need for an international standard to provide buyers with the comfort and assurance that their food products are safe for consumption and the quality is consistent.

FeedAssure™ seeks to ensure that food products are manufactured in a consistent manner with processes that safeguard against potential hazards including:

  • Chemical contamination: heavy metals, drug residues, pesticides, lubricants, etc
  • Biological contamination: mycotoxins, bacteria, yeast, mold, fungi, viruses, etc.
  • Physical contamination: any physical matter not normally found in food (foreign matter, metal, plastics, etc.)

FeedAssure™ Program

GVF has embraced the philosophy of continuous improvement over the years and recognizes the importance of eliminating potential hazards in its manufacturing process. Due to this fact, the FeedAssure™ certification challenge was not in redesigning manufacturing processes, but rather bringing our existing processes, quality control measures, good manufacturing practices, CFIA policies, and procedures together on paper into one comprehensive document.

FeedAssure™ Related Protocols

  • Sequencing and flushing of the manufacturing system and trucks between medicated and non-medicated mixes in accordance with CFIA sequencing guide.
  • Proper training of key personnel to ensure that contaminants are kept out of our facilities and products.
  • Frequent laboratory verification of feed ingredients (quality assurance and supplier approval), mixer efficiency and formulations (quality control).
  • Daily reconciliation of drug inventories and usage.







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