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Dry Cow Nutrition

Let us help you build the dry cow nutrition program that’s right for your herd.

Feed With
EcoLac® Premixes (Monensin an option)

Designed for far-off groups with proper mineral balance
Well-ballanced Dry Cow ration except for mineral
EcoLac® Complete Ration with Monensin

Contains premix, protein and energy to simply feeding
Bionic® Premixes (Monensin an option)

For one group dr cow rations with options for lower calcium/phosphorus
Well-balanced TMR Ration except for mineral
Bionic® XZ Ration

Contains X-Zelit to help bind calcium leading up to calving
TMR Rations that contains premix
Millenium® Premixes (Monensin an option)

Optimized for close-up dr cows using research proven additives to help with onset of lactation while reducing post-calving metabolic issues
Well-ballanced TMR Ration except for mineral
BioForce® Premixes (Monensin an option)

Mold or Full negative DCAD product option to improve Calcium metabolism post-calving
Well-ballanced TMR Ration except for mineral
Organo Premixes

Designed for organic herds
Well-ballanced TMR Ration except for mineral
Leader Supplement with Monensin
Easy to top dress cose up dry cow for exta nurtition leading up to calving
TMR Ration that lacks protein and premix
Challenger Supplement with Monensin
Negative DCAD diet for improving Calcium metabolism post-calving
TMR Ration that lacks protein and premix


Source of Reashure® Rumen-Protected Choline to improve energyy requirements during transition.

Source of Chromium to enhance absorption of glucose.

Additional Vitamin E (supplies 250 IU of Vitamin E when fed as directed).

Improved palatability

Packaged in 16 kg pails

How it works and performs

Research trials confirm thatrumen-protected choline:

    • Helps the liver process energy moreeffectively which reduces excess fat accumulation in the liver
    • Helps the cow manage her energy demands of early lactation
    • Helps the cow manage her energy status

Every cow is a candidate:
Even a small accumulation of fat can decrease the liver’s metabolic functions and impact overall energy metabolism in early lactation.

Research-Proven Results:

  • Improved health in fresh cows. Rumen Stable Choline has been shown to reduce the incidence of ketosis and fatty liver, displaced abomasums and retained placenta. Vitamin E reduces incidence of retained placenta and mastitis.
  • Promotes a healthy rumen by maintaining a balanced population of bacteria required to consume lactic acid and prevent acidosis.
  • Improved Reproduction. Rumen Stable Choline has been shown to improve 1st service conception and pregnancy rates when fed to transition cows.
  • Increased milk production. Rumen Stable Choline research indicates increased milk yield in fresh cows by 1.4 – 4.1 kg/day.
Feed EcoLac® Trans Energy Pellets as a tool for managing transition cow health and reduce your time spent drenching cows.


Highly refined source of rapidly available non-starch energy

Palatable blend of natural sources of energy and protein in high-energy pellets

Optimum formulation of digestible fibre sources for health and milk production

Improved health with optimum levels of vitamins and minerals


Convenience – This feed may be mixed in a TMR or top-dressed. It may replace HM corn or other grains sources in the ration or may replace some of the lactating TMR.

Increased Energy – The highly available energy helps improve energy status in the cow without increasing grain sources.

Improved cow health – Increasing energy intake without feeding more corn or starch helps to prevent acidosis in fresh cows, increasing feed intake and helping to reduce body weight loss and ketosis.

Increased peak milk yield – Healthier cows that have enhanced feed digestion and intake produce more milk. Farm trials have shown3-5 kg increased peak milk yield in fresh cows.

For more than 60 years, Grand Valley
Fortifiers has been helping to develop and
revolutionize the dairy industry.

GVF is now actively providing Dairy Farmers across Canada with advanced animal nutrition products for improved human health.

While our range of dairy nutrition products is continually updated and improved our goal of enabling producers to obtain the best possible production, at the lowest possible cost, remains the same.

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