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Calf Nutrition

Grow your calves to their full genetic potential and get them into your milking herd sooner.

Learn more about our calf nutrition products below.

Acidified Milk Replacers

26% protein from 100% milk sources

18% fat from highest quality digestible sources

Efficiently lower pH

Helps prevent bacterial growth

Enhance calf growth rates


Rapid lean tissue and frame growth

Increased milk stability

Calf health supported by organic minerals and selenium yeast

Increased intake supported b flavouring agents


Bioforce Acidified Milk replacer 26 week trial:

BioForce Acidified Milk Replacer on three different dairy farms across Ontario for a period of 26 weeks. Mixing 150g of BioForce Acidified Milk Replacer per litre of water, the farms typically fed 6 litres per calf per day, averaging 25 calves per treatment.

Weeks 1-9
Non- Acidified
BioForce® Milk Replacer
ADG (g/day)
Heart Girth (mm/day)
Hip Height (mm/day)

22% protein from 100% milk sources

18% fat from highest quality digestible sources


Feed LifeLaunch 4C to Achieve:

       • Higher intake

       • Higher ADG pre-weaning

       • Maintain and increase ADG post-weaning

       • Lower cost per kg of body weight gain

Faster Growing Calves

Calves fed 6L of milk/day and LifeLaunch 4C:

  • Grew 16% faster from birth to weaning, +100 grams ADG vs 6L control.
  • Had over 200g/d greater average daily gain during the weaning period than all other calves.


Superior quality

Enhanced freshness and palatability

• Excellent pellet quality

 Easy-to-follow program

Bionic® Calf textured and pelleted starter/grower feeds have been formulated to provide your calves with optimal energy and protein, with high quality minerals, vitamin and additives to encourage intake allowing your calves to continue to growing well. These calf feeds are designed to provide excellent palatability and conisitency of product with a focus on freshness! Let us help you select the starter/grower that’s right for you and your herd.

0 – 5 Months

0.1 – 4 kg/day

Bionic® 20%
Calf Starter/Grower

0 – 2 Months

0.1 – 2 kg/day

Bionic® 20%
Textured Calf

0 – 2 Months

0.1 – 2 kg/day

Bionic® 20%
Whole Grain Textured
Calf Starter

Also available for on-farm mixing as:

  • Bionic® Calf Premix
  • Bionic® Calf Mash 18% Grower
• Introduce calves to on-farm feeds

• Make your own calf mash

• Mix with graain, protein, straw/hay

When to feed GVF Milk Replacers & Calf Starters

Milk Replacer Amount
Milk Replacer Amount
Calf Starter Amount
Calf Starter Amount
0-4 Weeks
Bionic MR
Small amounts of Bionic Calf Starter taste of LifeLaunch 4C
4-8 Weeks
Bionic MR
LifeLaunch 4C and Bionic Calf Starter

For more than 60 years, Grand Valley
Fortifiers has been helping to develop and
revolutionize the dairy industry.

GVF is now actively providing Dairy Farmers across Canada with advanced animal nutrition products for improved human health.

While our range of dairy nutrition products is continually updated and improved our goal of enabling producers to obtain the best possible production, at the lowest possible cost, remains the same.


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TRA Public Reports

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