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Poultry Calculator

Welcome to the Grand Valley Fortifiers Poultry Feed Mill Calculator.

On this page, you will learn if you have enough land to feed your chickens with the grain that can be produced. You will need to enter in some basic information on your current situation, and the text at the bottom will automatically update to give you your answer. If you have more land (and therefore grain) that you chickens need, you could consider building a mill big enough to sell feed to neighbours!

This calculator is a generic guideline and is in no way the full picture.

Once you’ve completed the calculations, feel free to contact us to learn more about what’s involved in building and running a feed mill.

You will receive the answers immediately upon hitting submit.


Bushels of corn per acre: 175

Bushels of wheat per acre: 80

Bushels of soy beans per acre: 45

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