Manufacture Poultry Feeds On-Farm

A profitable option for producers growing their own grains.

On-Farm Manufacturing of Poultry Feeds.

For more than 55 years, Grand Valley Fortifiers has been helping to develop and revolutionize the poultry industry. GVF is now actively providing Poultry Farmers in Ontario and the Maritimes with advanced animal nutrition products for improved human health. While our range of poultry nutrition products is continually updated and improved our goal of enabling producers to obtain the best possible production, at the lowest possible cost, remains the same. Learn more about our poultry products below.

Product Line

The proper development of the pullet has a major impact on egg production and feed efficiency. To achieve a desirable pullet, Grand Valley Fortifiers has formulated a highly fortified Chick/Pullet Power Pac MK 10 Premix and is designed specifically to help the bird develop and prepare for the onset of lay.

Features & Benefits
  • This premix is fortified with mold inhibitors, acidifiers, amino acids, vitamins and trace minerals to encourage a healthy gut, which enables the bird to better utilize feed nutrients and resist disease
  • Made locally with non-GMO grains and sound nutrition

Bionic® Oil Blend is a rich, golden vegetable oil blend that is highly digestible and designed to be used as an energy supplement for swine and poultry. Bionic® Oil is an excellent source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids and is made from 100% vegetable oil, eliminating the concern for possible contamination of viruses or disease transfer from alternative animal fat based products. Bionic® Oil Blend smells great and does not coagulate at room temperature, significantly improving the palatability of all rations it’s applied to. Bionic® Oil Blend is a Grand Valley Fortifiers original product that has proven its value over many years. In fact we believe in the product so strongly, we’ve included it in all our newly formulated BioSure™ Nursery Feeds. Bionic® Oil Blend is delivered in a custom designed liquid tanker truck, directly to your farm. The truck driver can either supply a 45 gallon drum and fill it on-site or he can fill a tank you already have on farm. If you’re looking to boost the energy of your rations and improve palatability give Bionic® Oil a try today. A convenient 20 L trial jug is available and can be easily added to your next premix order.


  • An excellent source of high quality, digestible energy for swine, cattle and poultry diets from a unique blend of vegetable oils
  • An excellent source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids provided in a balanced ratio for consistent results
  • Specially formulated for piglets, weaners and lactating sows
  • Stabilized with antioxidants to prevent rancidity during storage
  • Bionic® Oil Blend is made from all vegetable sources, eliminating possible contamination with disease-causing organisms which can occur from fats and tallows of animal origin
  • Published research has shown vegetable oils to be an excellent source of energy for rapidly growing pigs, higher in digestible and metabolizable energy, compared to tallow, for both swine and poultry


  • Increases the energy density of feeds
  • Improved palatability of feeds for piglets, growing/finishing hogs and lactating sows
  • Improved feed conversion and average daily gain
  • Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to optimize the immune system

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