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By: Lindsay McDonald
Customer Service Manager
Grand Valley Fortifiers

Managing all the aspects of running a business can be challenging and managing a feeding program just adds another layer of complexity. What is the name of the feed that you should be ordering? When did you order it last? Did you remember to place the order? At Grand Valley Fortifiers we understand that our customer’s time is limited, and sometimes ordering feed falls off the radar.

We also recognize that customers are always looking for ways to keep costs down, while also trying to increase efficiencies on farm. As a result of these realities we are always looking for diverse ways to provide the best customer service experience possible. One way of doing this, is through our proactive ordering services.

What is proactive ordering, and how will it help me?

Proactive ordering works by keeping track of inventory levels on-farm and ensuring that orders are placed in a timely fashion so the feed bin or feed room, never run empty. The Grand Valley Customer Service team can take away the worry of ensuring you order product on time, by keeping track of inventory levels for you. By engaging in proactive ordering, our customers can enjoy the advantages of grouping products together and capitalizing on volume discounts based on total tonnage. The more you order at once, the larger the available discount. Both our customers and Grand Valley Fortifiers benefit from proactive ordering as it enables our dispatch team to optimize the routes we send our trucks on, while also ensuring that customers receive nutrition products on time. Although we work hard to provide best in class biosecurity via our GVF trucks and drivers, proactive ordering can limit the number of times a feed truck enters your property – which will help reduce your biosecurity risk
Currently, Grand Valley Fortifiers offers 2 different proactive ordering programs to help take the burden of feed ordering off your plate.

01. Bin sensors:

A sensor is mounted within the lid of an outside bin using magnets (no holes), and readings are taken every 4 hours producing a 3D image of the feed in your bin. Feeding rates are calculated based on how much is consumed daily, weekly, and monthly. Based on those rates, a predicted empty date is generated by an algorithm running in the background. The Grand Valley Fortifiers Customer Service team will monitor the bins and arrange for a feed delivery when you are running low. There is no cost for the sensor, so it truly is a win-win for everyone.

02. Reoccurring orders:

Do you have a bulk product that is not in a bin? Do you need a certain bag order on a regular schedule? Our reoccurring order program is a good option if you purchase product that falls under either category. The customer service team will set up an order cycle based on a product use rate and will reach out based on when our calculations predict you will need feed. Since we cannot see what is in your bin or feed room, we can adjust the order quantity or delivery date based on your needs. This program is also offered at no cost to the customer.

If you are interested in signing up for one of our proactive order programs or would like more information, please reach out to the customer service team using the contact details below.

Phone: 1-800-567-4400 | Text: 519-239-6859

Email: customerservice@grandvalley.com

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